ad blockers

Aug 10, 2016

Facebook to make desktop ad-blockers ineffective

Seeks to give users more control over how data informs ads they see

Jun 21, 2016

Cannes Lions 2016: In Ad-block age, Rob Norman makes case for 'thumb-stopping' creative

GroupM's chief digital officer addressed delegates at the IAA Cabana on 21 June

May 05, 2016

'Subscription system with no adverts is not enough to pay for content': CNN's Rob Bradley

'There’s a hurdle every year and this year it’s ad blocking,' says the global director of digital advertising revenue and data of CNN. Edited excerpts from an interview with Campaign India:

Jul 31, 2015

Important to stay vigilant on net neutrality: Sir Tim Berners Lee

The father of the world wide web talks on the threats posed by artificial intelligence, our relationship with data and how media outlets and advertisers should use the web.

Dec 16, 2014

Ad blockers gain ground as consumers say 'Enough'

What does the growing adoption of ad-blocking say about today's digital advertising?