Nimish Dwivedi

Nimish Dwivedi is the APAC head of marketing for Paypal.

Nov 07, 2019

Marketing chronicles: 'Gabbar ki asli pasand'

The author explains how brands can revoke nostalgia to revive brands

Jun 27, 2019

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May 06, 2019

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Apr 10, 2019

Opinion: A Bollywood theme park in Mumbai

A huge opportunity to create a vibrant Bollywood Theme Park in the heart of Mumbai, laced with nostalgia and powered by evergreen music, has probably been lost with the sunset of RK Studios.

Feb 25, 2019

Opinion: D-Boys - inka time kab aayega?

The author urges Swiggy and Zomato to look at privileges for delivery boys given the dangers they face on the road

Oct 05, 2018

Opinion: Gutter - needs more mutter

The author suggests innovative ways to handle the overflowing gutters of the country