Dominic Mills

May 25, 2022

Anant was wise, warm and great company

The author explains how Anant became his 'invaluable guide to the complexities of life in India', after interviewing him for the role of Campaign India's editor

May 08, 2015

Technology should not be the preserve of the CTO

In this digital marketing age, marketers must take a more active role in technology procurement, argues the author

Nov 22, 2011

Opinion: The heaven and hell of Christmas advertising

Only 43 shopping days to Christmas, so what better time and place to buy than now

Nov 09, 2011

Opinion: Poster industry hit by political grandstanding

"Sex sells, it always has done, and is at the core of many products' appeal, overtly"

Oct 25, 2011

Opinion: Yoghurt, product placement and, er, salad ...

“When the chat about product placement is as loud as that about the film itself, it’s time to get worried.”

Oct 12, 2011

Opinion: London gripped by the  outbreak of ...

"An otherwise dull London scene has been invigorated by indie start-ups, many of which are flourishing"