Adrian Mendonza

Jun 05, 2020

Opinion: The new office normal

Offices are finally opening once again! While this is obviously great news, there are bound to be new regulations in place. Here’s a humorous take on what could be SOP at your work place...

May 20, 2020

Work from home diary: The big daddy of grooming

What you conveniently describe as ‘comfort-dressing’ during work from home may years later inspire your kids to label you as the perfect example of an unkept lout, says the author

May 12, 2020

Blog: The bird masterclass

The author states that there is a danger of having too many 'goals' during the lockdown and that can lead us to being more stressed rather than emerging feeling recharged and refreshed

Apr 30, 2020

RIP Rishi Kapoor: 'Those nights when I silently ...

The author, who was the late Rishi Kapoor's neighbour, pens a tribute to him