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Nov 14, 2018

#MeToo: Utopeia's co-founder and head of strategy Mitali Srivastava Hough resigns

She leaves the organisation with the 'determination to create an equal, kind and safe workplace for all genders and orientations'.

#MeToo: Utopeia's co-founder and head of strategy Mitali Srivastava Hough resigns
Mitali Srivastava Hough, co-founder and head of strategy at Utopeia Communicationz has announced that she has resigned from the company with immediate effect.
This comes after co-founder Sudarshan Banerjee was accused by four women of harassment them. 

Banerjee had responded by stating that three of the four accounts of harassment were "figments of imagination and utterly false and concocted". The other post was described as a "twisted and distorted and embellished version of an old and closed Human Resources (HR) issue involving an ex-employee of Utopeia.
Srivastava had set up Utopeia along with Sudarshan Banerjee, Sean Coalaco and Ayan Chakraborty. Krishna Padhye and Krishnaraj Bhat later joined her as managing partners.
The letter has been produced here:
I have resigned from Utopeia in protest at the dismissive attitude of the leadership towards the alleged survivors that came forward as part of #MeToo. Utopeia is not legally bound to investigate the allegations against the co-founder in question, but I believe there was a moral obligation. As Utopeia’s co-founder, I cannot share a value system that chose not to conduct an enquiry into this matter, and neither will I endorse a culture where sexual harassment of any kind is treated lightly. 
#MeToo is not about legalities. It's an opportunity for organizations around the world to ensure that survivors are heard, that credence is given to their concerns, and that justice is given to them where appropriate. I support all the four women who showed immense courage to talk about their harassment and we should recognize that it was the power of #MeToo that encouraged them to come forward with their testimonies. I want to tell all these women that I stand by them completely.
There was also an attempt to change the narrative in the last few weeks, to hint that I have run a conspiracy against him and to blame me for the disrepute that has followed the agency and him. To discredit me, a malicious anonymous, unverified post was shared on the blog, which branded me as a sexual predator too. This post was later taken down by the author. The site that shared it offered a public apology, and confirmed that they were unable to verify its source and that it was likely a vicious rumour. When this attempt failed, an internal HR complaint was raised against me by one of his team members, which gave the management and their legal team a reason to exclude me from any discussions regarding Utopeia's approach to the incidents reported through #MeToo, due to the enforced leave that I was placed on. We were both placed on leave together, but only I was investigated. The HR enquiry against me was closed - clearing me - by an external third party consultant. The management did not provide an internal statement to clarify the situation, or offer an apology. Nor was there any attempt to identify the anonymous author despite the damage it did to my reputation and the agency. In my opinion, it was a deliberate attempt to deflect the allegations raised by four verified women through their #MeToo testimonies.
If one pieces together the chronology of the tragic events in Utopeia and their aftermath it is easy to spot the tactics that are used by all sexual predators around the world: Denial, gas lighting, deflection, coercion and character assassination of any woman who questions, challenges and calls out the inappropriate behaviour of a man. Many such men groom women in such a way that they fail to recognize harassment, to instead normalize and defend it. I believe that such men are hard to detect and harder to punish. I do not want to watch this silently. I believe that the pursuit for justice is far more important than holding on to my position in a firm. 
I've been challenging this behaviour internally for a long time. I implemented an Internal Complaints Committee when the first incident was officially reported. At one point I threatened to resign, but returned following promises of change. To blow the whistle publicly would risk damaging our firm, and the livelihoods of all our employees; most of whom are diligent, dedicated, hard-working and brilliant. Having the spouse of the co-founder as Head of HR will always remain a conflict of interest, and Utopeia’s inability to resolve this even now is another glimpse of how wrong the situation is. #MeToo ultimately held up a mirror to this culture.
I have also quit Utopeia with the determination to create an equal, kind and safe workplace for all genders and orientations.
I firmly hope that it's #TimesUp for this culture in India so that there is hope for a utopia where women can co-exist in harmony with men and are treated as equal human beings without being abused sexually, physically, psychologically or in any other way.
Although I did not get an iota of support from the senior management of Utopeia while doing my moral and ethical duties as a human being, I know that the bigger and larger world, and corporate world, is a much more civilized, decent, kind and dignified place.
I know that I am not alone.
- Mitali Srivastava Hough
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