Emmanuel Upputuru finds sustainable solutions with Binish Desai

Desai has collaborated with EFGH as chief sustainability officer

Sep 14, 2022 03:55:00 PM | Article | Campaign India Team

From left: Binesh Desai and Emmanuel Upputuru

Emmanuel Upputuru, founder, EFGH, has partnered with Binesh Desai, also known as the recycle man of India, to help brands achieve environmental goals.
Desai has collaborated with Upputuru’s agency as chief sustainability officer.
The duo aim to recycle production waste and minimise carbon footprint as much as possible. 
Upputuru said, “In the minds of consumers, brands have distinct personalities, and they see them as citizens with responsibilities and duties. And for brands, being environmentally conscious and supportive of a sustainable lifestyle is perhaps the most important way to demonstrate it. Binish and I have been chatting about this ever since we worked on the Novel Bed Project where we made a hospital bed out of Covid waste and donated it to a hospital. I was amazed when I visited his establishment, and completely sold on his approach. It is amazing. There is no waste that Dr. Binish can’t convert it into something useful.”
Desai added, “I see India as a leading solution provider of zero waste technologies and this collaboration is a step towards that. We want to fill the eco gap where brands wish to create a sustainable difference, but don’t have a specific and eco centric team to go to. We are here to provide just that. When I met Emmanuel during our successful The Novel Bed Project we shared the same energy to do something to solve this issue and provide a true sustainable solution. We plan to disrupt the marketing industry with sustainable marketing solutions.”