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Jul 18, 2013

Babita’s blog: Reclaim Our Voice

The author wonders if adland has traded off its characteristic ‘Voice’, while holding on tightly to roles defined by successful predecessors

Babita’s blog: Reclaim Our Voice

This started off as a title for a presentation I was making to my team on ‘Presentation Skills’. But as I worked the slides, I thought this is very reflective of today. Of us.

We hear murmurs. The whispers in industry corridors are more active than ever before.

Usually about key people moves, account wins or losses. And the sudden highs and not-so-highs that define the industry and our business.

Business meetings have become murmurs too, at times. Murmurs of dissent, quickly hushed by voices of approval and consent.

The Agents of Change have been affected by the Winds of Change and we are, maybe, trying to hold on too tightly to the roles defined by our very successful predecessors. Ways of working that worked for them and need to evolve now.

And in all this, I feel some of us have traded off on the one thing that characterises us. That defines our business.

Our Voice.

The Voice that would make people sit up in conference rooms and convocations. Debates that delighted marketers. The ring of stubbornness for work that we believed in and only we could create. The aura that compelled so many of us to choose this as our future over other options.

We need to hear this Voice more often.

For some of the things I am mentioning below and for a lot of others.

For creativity that does not merely check boxes and research reports, but creates an impact in today’s scenario.

For those bold new ideas. What we term as ‘Innovations’.

For holding up the industry as the harbingers of change amongst young prospects.

For shaking out the virus of disillusionment in those who want to cross over.

For showing that we are the breeding ground for leaders who can motivate and inspire.

For being partners and brand custodians.

It’s not an easy task.

We can talk with conviction if we have the conviction.

A strong understanding of the market and the consumer which is not just a quick Google search but an ongoing process.

Communication strategy that goes beyond cleverness to what resonates.

People at the top who truly redefine what leadership means.

There are people out there missing our Voice.

It’s time we reclaim the thunder.

Whether it is a storm or a resounding applause.

The views expressed are the author's independent views as an ad professional and do not reflect the organisation's viewpoint.

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