Network18 launches

The digital newsroom is built on the fundamentals of blogging and the quick post, user interaction, discussion and debate

Network18 launches

Network18 has announced the launch of, an online news and views website that is said to be accessible across platforms and devices. Called a “digital newsroom”, is built on the fundamentals of blogging and the quick post, user interaction, discussion and debate. It will be harness the skill of writer-editors across the country and the globe, viewed as experts by the company, and will cover Current Affairs, Politics, World, Business, Investing, Economy, Ideas, Living, Bollywood and Sports.  

Speaking on the launch of, Lakshmi Narasimhan, chief executive officer, Web18, said, “The Network18 group is committed to News and internet. And is a happy confluence of both. This product uses the unique strengths of the medium and will enrich news consumption across platforms.”

R. Jagannathan, editor, Web18, said, “India is ready for high-quality web journalism. The problem with news today is that there is too much of it. What we need is to make sense of it all. That’s what Firstpost will seek to do: distill what is relevant and offer it in a consumable template. In other media, news and views are often a one-way broadcast to the reader or viewer. In the digital world, Firstpost will seek to co-create news in partnership with the reader/viewer/ listener.”

Durga Raghunath, vice president - products, Web18, added, “Firstpost will always put the user and reader first. In asking the tough questions, encouraging debate, talking to our readers, we will let every user interaction guide us. We have built a mobile global newsroom because we think the ways of digital journalism allow us that liberty. We hope that our design and production will make the user do more than she has done before with news on the web.”

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