Nov 06, 2013

Tesco to scan customers' faces in ad-targeting scheme

Tesco is set to install hundreds of screens that will scan people's faces as they queue at tills, which will determine their age and gender, to deliver tailored ads.

Mar 19, 2012

MMGB: Tesco presents 'little waiters' in campaign for Mother's Day

Refresh yourself this Monday morning with some cute 'little waiters' who claim to be at your service

Oct 27, 2011

Indian work is smarter, sharper and cutting edge: Choi

Wain Choi, vice president and global executive creative director, Cheil Worldwide shares his vision for Cheil India

Oct 25, 2011

Opinion: Yoghurt, product placement and, er, salad ...

“When the chat about product placement is as loud as that about the film itself, it’s time to get worried.”

Sep 28, 2011

Nishad's Blog: An Agency of Makers

Nishad Ramachandran, vice president and head, iContract, urges agencies to think more like startups and less like communication partners

Aug 31, 2011

Nishad’s Blog: The Joy of Failure

Nishad Ramachandran, vice president and head, iContract, says it’s fine to screw up sometimes in order to create pathbreaking ideas