sean colaco

Nov 16, 2018

#MeToo: Utopeia issues public statement with 'its side of the story'

A detailed media statement signed by the remaining managing partners has been released

Jan 23, 2013

New agency Utopeia aims to 'bring back the love' to advertising

With a team of 17 people, the agency seeks to offer business solutions, not just communication solutions

Sep 01, 2008

TBWA's Colaco puts in his papers

Sean Colaco, VP, Creative services, TBWA India (pictured, left) has put in his papers at the Omnicom owned agency. He is partnering friend Aneet Coutinho (pictured, right) to create a new entity Creatively Active Communications (CAC), an ad agency that will offer communications solutions to clients and the duo are in the process of hiring people and talking to clients for their agency.