rajshri media

Jul 07, 2008

Rajshri Media creates show for web, mobile

Rajshri Media has launched a show exclusively for the web and mobile titled Akbar Birbal Remixed. Ninety video and audio webisodes and mobisodes, of three minutes each, will be available on www.rajshri.com and IDEA Cellular (in India) respectively. Webisodes of Akbar Birbal Remixed can be streamed free (ad-supported) on www.rajshri.com and on www.youtube.com/rajshri. Communities around the show will be built on social networking sites. 

May 08, 2008

YouTube launches its Indian version

YouTube has launched its Indian version, YouTube India (www.youtube.co.in). The portal will focus on videos from and for India.    YouTube India has tied up with Ministry of Tourism, the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), NDTV, Rajshri Media, Zoom, UTVi and Music Today for their channels on the website. The model for the revenue sharing arrangements between YouTube India and its partners is similar to Google’s AdSense program.