rajesh pant

Mar 14, 2012

Opinion: It’s about time to think about the temporary intern

Rajesh Pant, entrepreneur and director of Kandor Solutions

Nov 22, 2011

Opinion: The new nirvana of numbers in the digital age

‘Digital’ is a big word these days which is used like a drunk uses a lamp-post; for support rather than light

Jan 14, 2011

Opinion: Understanding when re-branding is truly that...

Rajesh Pant is an ITES worker with some experience in Advertising

Oct 09, 2010

Why old habits need to die in public sector banks

Rajesh Pant is an ITES worker with some experience in Advertising

Mar 25, 2010

Should advertising agencies don another hat?

The enquiry has its roots in the observation that sales and service in our country’s retail initiatives is fragile.To wit:1. Most Counter sales people in malls are ‘up sellers’. They do not ‘listen’ to your needs; or they blandly say ‘not available’.2. Reaching a 1-800 number with a problem is a problem.

Jan 15, 2010

Why is the focus on 2% rather than on the 98%?

If we sit and do the sums, the total amount spent on measured advertising in our country is woefully small. For a $ 1.22 trillion economy, our ad expenditure is about US $7 billion. (BSE market cap is about $500 billion).More than 400 hundred agencies are said to operate in this area. Small, competitive and mostly helpless to carve out new spaces. They spend time fighting each other to grow. Or sucking up to potential clients. Hence growth is governed by zero sum processes rather than brand building innovation.