Nov 04, 2015

All About: Nudity and the media

Why is Playboy doing away with naked models? We find out

Aug 12, 2010

Playboy iPad app under fire

The new Playboy iPad App has prompted criticism from online tech and media forums that the absence of nudity is a gaping hole in the premium priced content.Priced at $4.99 (£3.20), the HD downloadable digital version of Playboy magazine has been edited to comply with Apple’s strict no-nudity policy. The previous iPhone app also toed the no-nudity line and was priced at $0.99 (63p).US media website Minonline criticised the lack of pictorials and cartoons typical of the printed magazine, despite the inclusion of "attractive headshots".

Aug 27, 2008

Are we ready for Playboy/ is it ready for India?

There is a joke amongst the lads that everyone reads Playboy for its content. The reality, of course, is anything but. The US-based skin magazine is known for its raunchy, yet, classy nude centre spreads, which along with some great editorial and visual content makes it the best read men’s magazine in the world. But with its US sales shrinking and off-shore ones expanding, Playboy is eyeing the lucrative South East and South Asian markets to make a foray.