mobile world congress

Mar 10, 2017

Coming soon: The summer of content

A first person account and key takeaways from a regular at the Mobile World Congress

Mar 03, 2017

Should this be the last ever Mobile World Congress?

"Mobile" is no longer about just the mobile phone and neither is Mobile World Congress, writes Manning Gottlieb OMD's head of mobile strategy, Matt Jones.

Feb 26, 2016

Mobile World Congress 2016: Life beyond the handset

Mobile is more than just iPhones and S7s, says the global head of mobile for MediaCom, as he explores the latest at the congress

Feb 25, 2016

Mobile World Congress 2016: Why every brand should become a tech brand

To prepare for the Internet of Things, all brands can and should be a technology brand, contends the author

Mar 03, 2015

Five ad trends for marketers before Mobile World Congress

As Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona, marketers need to understand how the mobile landscape is changing, writes Mark Slade, EMEA managing director for Opera Mediaworks

Feb 28, 2014

Invest in #peopledata, not #bigdata, to win in the new age of marketing

Writing from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the CEO of Havas Media UK reminds us that business and marketing both start and end with the customer