May 27, 2020

Opinion: While battling the pandemic, think mobile first

The author explains how the mobile screen has gained importance during Covid-19

Nov 18, 2019

India leads mobile ad fraud across Asia: MMA

MMA's Ad Fraud Benchmark Report says that nearly 20 percent of advertising budgets are spent on fraudulent ads

Oct 24, 2019

'Spamming leads to making the consumer immune or even hostile to the brand'

The author talks about building the future of marketing through the mobile

Oct 30, 2017

‘Brands that cover up mistakes, do worse than brands that apologise'

CVL Srinivas and D Shivakumar discuss the importance of brand trust and list ways to build trustworthy brands

Aug 24, 2016

Smarties India 2016: Shortlists revealed

Awards night on 7 October in Gurgaon

Sep 06, 2013

The Mobile Internet Consumer - India 2013 report released; 'Game / App' most downloaded type of mobile content

The report is by Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) in partnership with mobile ad network