mani ayer

Feb 09, 2010

"Mani Ayer took just half a day off to get married": Ranjan Kapur

Ranjan Kapur, country manager, India - WPP Group shared his memories of the late Mani Ayer (pictured) with Campaign India. "I joined the agency in 1966. I remember Mani Ayer as a professional who displayed a shrewd financial mind throughout his time at O&M. Although he wasn't a banker, he could definitely have made an excellent one, with his kind of financial accumen."

Feb 08, 2010

Ad legend Mani Ayer of O&M passes away

Advertising legend S.R Ayer, popularly known as 'Mani' Ayer, the former managing director of Ogilvy & Mather has passed away. He was 75 years of age. The last time, Campaign India spoke to Mr Ayer was for a tribute to David Ogilvy.  Reacting to the news, Sir Martin Sorrell, chief executive, WPP said, "Sad news. Sad news. A lovely person."

Feb 08, 2010

In praise of two legends

Advertising has its fair share of legends. Some of them unfortunately turn out to be legends in their own lunchtime as they gulp down three martinis for lunch. And yet, we in India have been fortunate to have been blessed with two men who have become legends in their own lifetimes. I refer to the recent recognition of R.K. Swamy by the Madras Management Association and S.R. (Mani) Ayer by the Advertising Club, Madras.