man on the moon

Dec 14, 2015

Opinion: Touch something within; the brain will follow

The author argues that brands that strike a chord with the heart compellingly will remain top of mind

Nov 10, 2015

UK's John Lewis Christmas ad spawns host of parodies

The funniest and strangest #Manonthemoon spoofs so far

Apr 29, 2010

D&AD 2010: Four Indian entries to be featured In-Book

Four entries from India have been selected to feature In-Book at the D&AD Awards 2010.These are one entry each from Ogilvy & Mather, Karigari Design Inc, Kritik and Bates141. In-Book work is considered the best work of the year and equivalent to a bronze award.The following work will be featured In-Book:O&M's entry 'Stamps' for Department of Posts in the Calendars category (Graphic Design jury)Karigari Design's 'Soap cards' for The Backpacker Company in the Stationery category (Graphic Design jury)