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Nov 26, 2015

Live Issue: Can Test cricket rise to its glory days?

Before first day-night Test, adlanders tell us that interest is growing with result-oriented games

Aug 03, 2015

Live Issue: Do creatives’ standing still hinge on awards?

Adlanders believe reputation depends on the body of work

Jul 21, 2015

Live Issue: Are Cannes Lions jurors beyond bias?

The author speaks with past and current Indian jurors to find out what goes on behind closed doors

May 18, 2015

Live Issue: Should PR agencies handle paid content?

As ‘core functions’ evolve, are there competency and ethics issues?

May 11, 2015

Live Issue: Can India sustain multiple creative awards?

Will two national festivals be accepted? Or, will it lead to polarisation of entrants? We ask stakeholders

Apr 20, 2015

Live Issue: Will differences over IRS weaken print media?

Would the medium suffer in the long run, with the IRS 2014 findings too being refuted? We ask stakeholders