Feb 20, 2015

Indian Magazine Congress to be held in Chennai on 23, 24 February

The theme of the two-day conference is 'Magazines: 2X. Engage.Connect.Work.'

Feb 27, 2014

IMC Day Two: Magazine publishers return to the core

Digital prospects, building communities in focus

Feb 26, 2014

IMC Day Two: ‘If they are suffering, there is definitely something wrong with how magazines are sold today’

As magazines try and re-invent themselves, how are media buyers viewing the medium?

Feb 26, 2014

IMC Day Two: Exploring regional and digital opportunities

A panel discussed ‘the power of regional magazines’, while another discussed how digital editions could push up readership

Feb 26, 2014

IMC Day Two: ‘The only issue is monetisation for publishers, and we are sure that is changing very quickly’

The VP and MD of Google India highlighted digital trends in his keynote at the Indian Magazine Congress 2014

Feb 25, 2014

IMC Day One: ‘Move away from the authoritative publishing mentality’

WAT Consult’s Rajiv Dingra and Foxymoron’s Pratik Gupta discussed ‘How magazine brands can use social media to their advantage’, in a panel moderated by India Today Group’s Rohit Saran