Dec 03, 2019

Opinion: Can teenagers and technology solve the problem of pollution?

The author looks at ways we can look to solve the pollution problem across India

Jan 07, 2019

Opinion: Paper or touchscreens? The challenges of advertising in India!

Has the print media lost its sheen? The author takes a peek into the future.

Sep 29, 2013

‘I am still as excited and enthusiastic as on the day of my joining’: Anil Kapoor

AAAI honoured the chairman emeritus of Draftfcb-Ulka Group with the Lifetime Achievement Award 2013, at an event in Mumbai on 27 September

Aug 28, 2009

Your target audience watches Rakhi Sawant

I love watching TV. If you were to walk into my cabin, you would find the TV set on, and me surfing between CNBC, some news channels, sports, you name it. Of course the excuse I give anyone who asks is, “I am in the communication business … I must watch commercials and programs.”  Of course I need to quickly mention that I am not a high flying hot shot agency or media executive who gets featured in the premier advertising magazine of the country.