gerson da cunha

Jan 10, 2022

'There will never be another like Gerson': Dolly Thakore

The author recounts her theatre memories with da Cunha and states that they remain her most precious and unforgettable ones

Jan 07, 2022

Advertising legend Gerson da Cunha passes away

Tributes from the industry pour in

Aug 03, 2015

'Common sense was my only qualification': Bobby Sista, recipient, AAAI Lifetime Achievement Award 2015

Industry body to institute Subhas Ghosal Memorial Lecture in honour of first Lifetime Award recipient

Mar 24, 2009

Brands Under Fire to be released today

In what promises to be a rewarding and captivating event, Remembering Subhas will see the official launch of the book Brands Under Fire, edited by Ivan Arthur and Kurien Mathews. Brands Under Fire is a book that distills the thoughts and opinions of a galaxy of advertising and communication specialists: Rama Bijapurkar, Mahnaz Curmally, Gerson da Cunha , Santosh Desai, Vijay Gokhale, Kiran Khalap, Pranesh Mishra, MG Parameswaran, Roger Pereira, Gita Piramal, Prof. S Ramchandar, Shekhar Swamy and Prof. Shiv Viswanathan.