Oct 11, 2019

Sprite mixes it up in China with 'alternative' couples... maybe.

Ad for new baijiu-flavoured drinks featuring a male couple reads, “People say we can’t, but I say no! Maybe!”

Apr 21, 2010

Mumbai's Queer Film Festival: Lisa Ray's 'I Can't Think Straight'

If you're a theatre buff or a movie buff, this is a great weekend to look forward to. There's the Queer Festival underway in Mumbai - pictured above, a still from Lisa Ray starrer I Can't Think Straight - which will see the screening of some of the best films on lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender issues. For literature lovers, there's a three day festival on Swedish Crime Fiction as well. More on theatre with Celebrating Pearl Padamsee's work, as you shall read below. Enjoy your weekend!