gaurav patra

Nov 02, 2023

Opinion: Cracking the code - strategies for businesses in tier two and three markets in India

As tier two and three towns are expected to contribute 50% of the total sales for e-commerce brands by 2030, the author lists effective marketing strategies for running businesses

Jun 30, 2022

Opinion: How technology has changed the marketing landscape?

The author states why marketing communications must be personalised, based on customers’ values and needs, rather than demographics like age and gender

Feb 03, 2022

Opinion: Communications tech landscape – 2021 overview and 2022 outlook

The author lists four different ways through which the communications technology landscape is evolving

Oct 20, 2021

Opinion: How micro-influencers and data-led storytelling redefined a brand manager’s approach post-pandemic

The author explains why the union of data-led storytelling and the role of micro-influencers is here to stay

Aug 30, 2021

Opinion: The emergence of micro-influencers and its union with PR

The author suggests ways brands can maximise ROI with the help of this new phenomenon