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Mar 15, 2021

Dave Trott's blog: Kill the marketing dept

The author explains how a company's revenue went from $40m to $400m when they fired the marketing department

Mar 20, 2017

Dave Trott's blog: Idiots' guide to technology

The author explains why you can’t replace brains with technology with an example

Jan 27, 2017

Dave Trott's blog: Data can't think

The author explains how an agency with more data and technology does not guarantee a better result

Nov 06, 2013

Dave Trott’s blog: What Posh Spice can teach us about marketing

Alex Ferguson understands football, but Victoria Beckham understands marketing a brand, says the author

Oct 10, 2012

Dave Trott's Blog: Everything old is new again

Dave Trott is executive creative director at CST The Gate, UK