Nov 24, 2008

Amsterdam Diary: Day Five

Today I am a guest of Premsela, which is the Dutch Government's platform for design. While the BNO is the association for Dutch designers, Premsela represents the government. Today is a day of eclectic encounters. I am about to meet people who are a part of the broad definition of design but not in the strict sense that readers of Campaign India would be prone to read. Safe to say, you've been warned.

Nov 18, 2008

Campaign India Amsterdam Diary: Day one

The best journeys we make are those without expectations. That's the thought in my head as I make my way from Amsterdam's Schipol airport to my hotel. I am in Amsterdam for 'Open Minds India', a program organized by the BNO(Association of Dutch Designers known by its Dutch abbreviation), with the support of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, that will look at greater collaboration between Indian and Dutch agencies in the area of design.