advertising standards council of india

Jul 26, 2021

Only 12 of 332 ads promising Covid-related benefits scientifically correct: ASCI report

Categories such as paints, apparel, skincare, water purifiers, among others, under scanner

Jul 13, 2021

ASCI’s influencer marketing guidelines: A look at the industry response

Almost a month after the guidelines’ official implementation, Campaign India finds out how they’ve been received by the marketing ecosystem so far

Feb 22, 2021

'Brands and influencers should maintain complete transparency to not mislead consumers': ASCI

Manisha Kapoor, secretary general, ASCI, takes us through the new guidelines for influencer advertising and why the council has laid them out

Jan 19, 2021

Blog: Thank you Mr. Kamath! Better late than never

Following the news of ASCI banning surrogate ads of 12 liquor companies, the author states that his crusade of three years against ASCI’s inaction has finally succeeded!

Dec 07, 2020

Blog: The storm in a tea cup, honey traps and wine that is music

The author puts down his thoughts on the recent developments in the F&B industry after FSSAI's 'Eat Right India' campaign angered The Coffee and Tea boards in the country