Ujaya Shakya

Nov 20, 2023

A marketer's take on TikTok's exit from Nepal

The ability to reach a massive audience via TikTok has been an indispensable tool for brands in Nepal. But with the app's impending exit from the country, there's now a profitable opportunity for domestic players to step up and fill the gap, opines Ujaya Shakya

Jul 11, 2023

A view from Nepal: Unlocking success for global brands

As Nepal continues its journey of progress post the 2015 earthquake and pandemic, the determination and sense of community fostered during these challenging times is not only contributing to a more united and hopeful nation, but creating a new space for global brands to emerge

Sep 12, 2022

A view from Nepal: Two years of clean feed in Nepal ...

The implication of clean feed in Nepal has opened new avenues and opportunities for the marketing and advertising ecosystem in the country, says the author

Jan 10, 2022

A view from Nepal: The much-awaited advertising ...

The author provides an update of the advertising, media and marketing industry in Nepal and how it has progressed over the last year

Nov 09, 2020

View from Nepal: #Nepalisation - the only way ahead

The author strongly believes that it is a blessing for Nepal's marketers

Jul 03, 2020

View from Nepal: Clean feed policy in Nepal - a ...

The author explains what the clean feed policy means and how it could be beneficial for the country

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