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Oct 13, 2011

Veda's Blog: Step Away From That Copy, Sir

An English-language education alone does not a copywriter make, says Mudra's Vedashree Khambete in this month's blog

Jun 09, 2011

Veda's Blog: How about a nice big cup of coherent?

Vedashree Khambete, associate creative director with Mudra, says that if you can’t convince them, you don’t HAVE TO confuse them.

May 12, 2011

Veda’s Blog: So Long And Thanks For All The S**T

Mudra’s Vedashree Khambete says if you’re planning to stick on in advertising, keep your bridges nice and fire-proof

Apr 15, 2011

Veda's Blog: Buy It Because Shah Rukh Says So

Vedashree Khambete, associate creative director, Mudra, says you can love ‘em, hate ‘em or change the channel when you see ‘em, there’s no getting away from celebrity endorsements