ujaya shakya

Nov 09, 2020

View from Nepal: #Nepalisation - the only way ahead

The author strongly believes that it is a blessing for Nepal's marketers

Jul 03, 2020

View from Nepal: Clean feed policy in Nepal - a blessing in disguise for Indian brands

The author explains what the clean feed policy means and how it could be beneficial for the country

Apr 17, 2019

View from Nepal: Goafest is a new hope in South Asian advertising

The knowledge seminars at Goafest had an eclectic line-up of speakers, who have been able to trigger our advertising minds to think beyond regular advertising

Aug 07, 2018

View from Nepal: The country's fast changing media landscape

The author explains why marketers will have to re-look their media strategy for the country to bring more effectiveness.

May 21, 2018

View from Nepal: Rural Nepal - an opportunity in disguise

The author states reasons why rural Nepal could be the next big thing for marketers

Mar 12, 2018

View from Nepal: Long live women power

In a monthly column about advertising in Nepal, the author looks at advertising trends in the Himalayan nation