Jul 11, 2016

MMGB: Where Am I

This tourism campaign by FCB will leave you craving for more

May 18, 2013

Ad pic of the week: Toronto Jewish Film Festival

Featured this week is a photograph clicked by Philip Rostron

Oct 31, 2011

Monday Morning Gloom Buster: Science World's 'Beach Time' campaign

Science World says they can explain why belly button lint makes for a great kindling

Mar 23, 2010

Ogilvy & Mather to host Indian edition of Portfolio Night

Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai is set to host Portfolio Night on May 20 this year.For those unfamiliar with the concept of Portfolio Night, the event is an opportunity for aspiring copywriters and students from art schools to have their portfolios judged by some of the best advertising minds in the industry. The host agency, in this case, Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai will then invite creative directors of their choice (not necessarily from O&M) to judge the work on display.