scam ads

Nov 26, 2021

What if normal people acted like agencies trying to win awards?

A satire by creative agency Zulu Alpha Kilo shows how real people react to the idea of setting up fake situations in order to film them and win awards

Oct 20, 2009

Cannes Lions organisers issue statement on scams

The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival has issued a statement that outlines its policy on entries into its festivals.

Apr 04, 2009

Dubai Lynx organizers withdraw Agency of the Year award

The organizers of the Dubai Lynx awards have announced the withdrawal of the Agency of the Year recognition given to FP7 Doha this year. The move follows the controversy over FP7 Doha’s campaigns for its clients Samsung, Higeen Mouthwash and Nissan, which Philips Thomas, CEO, Cannes festival has said violates the entry requirements for the Dubai Lynx awards.