sanjay jha

Apr 11, 2014

IAA Conversations: ‘Media does play a role in influencing voters. But...

It was not all good news for the fourth estate as a panel discussed the topic: ‘Do media reports and opinion polls influence voters?’

Apr 11, 2014

IAA Conversations: ‘So Mr Ketkar, why is there a loss of 13 per cent votes (in our opinion poll)?’

The panel was divided on the topic of opinion polls influencing voters, but near-unanimous in questioning of their robustness

Apr 10, 2014

Youth ask: ‘What news on politicians should we trust?’

Excerpts from an MTV Rock The Vote event in Mumbai that featured political spokespersons interacting with youth

Apr 08, 2014

IAA Conversations: ‘Do opinion polls and media reports influence voters?’

BJP’s Ram Naik, Shiv Sena’s Prem Shukla, Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha and political analyst Kumar Ketkar to discuss topic, moderated by Anand Rathi