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Mar 24, 2022

Opinion: The future of brand purpose

Gen Z consumers are more likely to ‘see through’ or dismiss brands who have big claims and emotional advertising around their purpose, says the author

Aug 04, 2021

Opinion: Reimagining time as meaning

The author lists opportunities for brands to reframe and reimagine relationships with time

Jul 19, 2020

Opinion: How can brands deliver great value during these times?

The author states that the biggest opportunity for marketers is to understand how the meaning of value is being reconfigured in consumer minds during these times and adapt offerings to this new meaning.

Jun 09, 2020

Opinion: India - tradition meets social distancing and brands meet a 'new consumer'

As safety is the most fundamental driver of the new normal, ‘safe consumption’ will be the next big thing for marketeers to consider, according to the author

Aug 09, 2018

Opinion: The purpose of purpose - why does it matter to the consumer?

In a world that is becoming universally branded, brands have become essential mediators for many aspects of our lives including aspirations, relationships and beliefs, says the author

Jul 04, 2018

Opinion: Is it time to kill the consumer?

We are at a crucial moment in history and brands have a critical choice to make, says the author