michael fink

Sep 30, 2009

Prime Focus to consolidate global offices

Prime Focus has announced the transformation of its global facilities into a single global company under a new Prime Focus brand. This includes the consolidation of Prime Focus London, blue and Machine (UK), Post Logic and Frantic Films VFX (USA) and Prime Focus Group in India. The company currently has over 1200 people employed worldwide and is involved in end-to-end creative and technical services from pre-production to final delivery.

May 21, 2009

"Technology can lower the cost of advertising:" Michael Fink

Michael Fink, CEO and senior visual effects supervisor, Frantic Films (Prime Focus Group company) created the first Coca Cola Polar Bear ad in 1993 which started a series of Polar Bear ads for the cola brand. He has also created spots for brands like Budweiser, Taco Bell and Cheetos.