k kurian

Aug 22, 2008

"There ain't no such bosses anymore…"

It was in 1977, a gawky young man walked up and down the stairs of Shah House, Colaba at least three times before he mustered the courage to step inside for an interview with none other than The Man; A man who was then considered as a brain to reckon with and stood tall amongst contemporaries like Subhash Ghoshal, Ayaz Peerbhoy and the like.

Aug 20, 2008

K Kurian's mass and cremation in Mumbai today

The funeral mass for K Kurian, founder and chairman of Radeus Advertising, who passed away during the early hours of Monday, will be held at the Afghan Church, Colaba, on Wednesday, August 20, at 4.00 PM.The cremation will be at Chandanwadi at 6.00 PM.More on K Kurian here. 

Aug 18, 2008

K Kurian, (1928-2008) RIP

K Kurian, founder and chairman of Radeus Advertising, passed away early this morning at Mumbai. He was 80.A recipient of the AAAI Premnarayan Award for Lifetime Achievement, Kurian was credited with the creation of such iconic campaigns as Amul Chocolates (I think I'm just right for Amul Chocolates), Limca (Lime 'n' Lemoni Limca; The thirst choice, etc). Kurian and Radeus also played a significant role in building the brand of the government owned Life Insurance Corporation.