Jul 15, 2020

Opinion: Kya hum atmanirbhar ho sakte hai?

The authors discuss how recent developments have pushed middle class India into becoming self-reliant and wonder how this behaviour will sustain in the future.

Feb 14, 2020

Opinion: Parkinson’s Law and its effects on team productivity

Agencies can get grip and increase efficiencies by rejigging the levers

Jan 14, 2020

Opinion: Cyber coaxing - nudge strategies in the age of AI

AI based nudges would be even more powerful levers to modify behaviour

Nov 14, 2019

Opinion: Nudges do not work for changing deep seated human behavior

The author talks about how to achieve a mindset change for sustained behaviour

Jul 29, 2019

Opinion: The partial rebound

An iterative approach to research is essential to facilitate speed, collaboration, and continuous learning

Jul 11, 2017

Opinion: How to unlock influence?

What are the key factors that unlock influence and what separates the most influential brands from the rest?