Nov 10, 2021

12% decline for environment-friendly purchases in urban India: Ipsos survey

30% of Indian consumers are buying more sustainable food

Oct 26, 2021

Opinion: Fallout of pandemic – a more pragmatic consumer?

The virus has left not only physiological impact on the direct sufferers but also scarred their near ones psychologically, says the author

Apr 13, 2021

Ipsos acquires audio watermarking technology company Intrasonics

Move marks Ipsos’ strategy aimed at increasing expertise in digital audience measurement

Feb 25, 2021

Opinion: Hedonism — the new avatar of the Indian consumer

The author states that its okay for the Indian consumer to self-indulge, as, after all, you live only once

Jan 04, 2021

Opinion: Opportunity in crisis

The author explains how consumers reacted to FMCG companies launching new products in 2020