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Jan 31, 2013

Carlton’s Blog: LIKE #GraphSearch ...

D’Silva believes its a new evolution in search that has potential to redefine targeted search

Dec 26, 2012

Carlton’s blog: The Year that will be ...

The author lists 10 trends that promise to change digital marketing and pave the way for the future in 2013.

Nov 08, 2012

Carlton’s blog: Breaking the Speed of Sound in PR

Red Bull has invested a lot and invested right in branded content around extreme sports, writes Carlton D’Silva

Jul 25, 2012

Carlton’s Blog: I Like you, but I really don’t want to talk to you ...

D’Silva, the chief creative director at Hungama Digital Media, offers a few words of advice on how to keep your brand’s fans

Apr 25, 2012

Carlton's Blog: Are you a follower or a thought leader?

Hungama's Carlton D'Silva is looking forward to a day when judges will be in awe of an innovation or a first that has come out of India

Feb 22, 2012

Carlton's Blog: The Dawn of the Outernet ...

Hungama's Carlton D'Silva believes the internet is no longer confined to the realms of cyberspace, it is now making its presence in the real world too