blair currie

Feb 18, 2014

Are machines more trustworthy than people?

We grew up trusting people, but this trust is increasingly shifting to technology, reflects the author.

Jan 30, 2014

Navigating life through a consistency bias

Who can we trust when the mind rewrites memories to suit current circumstances?

Jul 08, 2013

Have an affair but destroy the data

Ashley Madison, the website for married people seeking affairs, has developed a business model for data that other social networks and data aggregators should consider.

Jul 01, 2013

Is it time for a data bill of rights?

Brands should recognize the growing rights of consumers over data and act accordingly.

Feb 08, 2013

Blair Currie’s blog: What should we make of the BB10 launch and will it succeed?

The author says the BB10 launch has put the brand back on the map, and provided a new foothold for Blackberry to succeed again in the world of Fast Moving Mobile Devices.