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Jul 11, 2014

Profile: ‘Our acquisitions have been fairly successful’: Anant Nath

The director at Delhi Press, and editor of The Caravan, opens up on the digital path for the group and more

Feb 25, 2014

IMC Day One: ‘You are defined by what you do not do than what you do’

Panelists at the Indian Magazine Congress discussed curating content in the era of information overload

Feb 29, 2012

Live Issue: Are kids’ publications evolving with the times?

Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy analysed children’s publications to understand how they are adapting to new mindsets

Oct 24, 2011

Magazines need to go back to long-copy formats: Nath

In a freewheeling conversation, Delhi Press' Anant Nath shares his views about adapting to the changing business and media environment

Jan 04, 2010

Delhi Press rolls out ‘The Caravan’ nation-wide

The Caravan, an English-language magazine from Delhi Press with a narrative-style writing, has been rolled out nation-wide with a new look and a higher cover price. The Caravan – originally launched in 1940 by the group’s founder, Vishwa Nath, ceased publication in 1980. It was revived by the current director, Delhi Press, Anant Nath in 2008 and soft launched in select markets. Now priced at Rs 40, the re-launched ‘The Caravan’ has a new design, shape and editorial content.

Dec 04, 2008

Delhi Press launches The Caravan

Delhi Press has launched a new fortnightly magazine The Caravan. The magazine will cover politics, culture, art and literature in an in-depth manner. The Caravan draws its inspiration from the popular literary magazine, The New Yorker.The magazine is now available on the newsstands and is priced at Rs. 35 per issue with 64 pages in each issue. It has a starting print run of 17,000 copies and will be circulated in all the major metros. Anant Nath, director, Delhi Press came up with the idea of this magazine. Paresh Nath is the group editor-in-chief.