Gender Inequality

Mar 07, 2024

Ladies, lip service and the art of being ludicrous

Barua shares her no-holds-barred opinion on how to ensure International Women's Day doesn't get diluted amidst the commercialised marketing blitzkrieg

Mar 06, 2024

Brand power in tackling Asia's gender divide and rewriting the story of equality

Global gender equality is on thin ice. Brands fixing the gap should treat this as nothing short of the greatest human challenge, not just for women but for the world, opines behavioural analyst Bailey Bellingy

Dec 07, 2023

48% Indians want more inclusive representation from brands: ASCI

Depiction of women in Indian ads continues to be skewed stereotypically while diversity and inclusion of LGBTQI+ groups nearly absent, according to a Kantar report

Nov 10, 2023

A good business person today knows that half of humanity cannot be ignored: IAA panel on gender diversity

Experts discussed how gender stereotypes can be broken in advertising and media