Dec 15, 2020

Opinion: India is watching more frank sexual content, but is that a good thing?

Is a rise in adult content on OTT platforms taking India forward or backward when it comes to conversations on gender and sexuality?

Oct 25, 2020

Opinion: Popularity of locally originated memes in India

The author states that while they still get used as comic devices, they have also become a communication tool that spreads ideas, opinions and information.

Feb 11, 2020

Opinion: Smoke on the water

Which category is the biggest competitor to cigarettes?

Jan 11, 2019

Opinion: Exerting soft power through Indian-ness and Chinese-ness

Through the medium of cinema, we can look at India and China through a uniquely Asian point of view

Apr 24, 2018

Opinion: Solving wicked problems of the future

The author has a solution to serve the wickedest of problems - a marriage of cultural inquiry and the design-oriented mind