Yes Bank says yes to cyber security

Watch the films conceptualised by the in-house team here

Oct 20, 2021 12:48:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team Share - Share to Facebook

Yes Bank has rolled out a social media campaign, to propagate cyber hygiene practices. Conceptualised by the bank's in-house team, the campaign titled, 'Aise Sawaal Hum Nahi Poochte' (we don't ask such questions), advises consumers to be cautious of cybercriminals through five distinct animated films. 


In the first film, the cybercriminal tries to persuade a lady to change her bank password, the way she revamps her wardrobe. The cyber hacker tries to convince the lady to share her current password, and the scene ends with the lady gasping after hearing the absurd question. 


In the second film, the cyber hacker calls a man to congratulate him on winning a lottery ticket he never applied for. The hacker tells the man to click a link sent on his email to reap the benefits, however, the man is aware that this is a hoax. 


The third film depicts an impostor from the national vacation committee. The fraudulent telephone operator tells him to share an OTP sent to his phone, to have a relaxing getaway. The man on the other line realises the extremity of the situation and denies sharing anything. 


The fourth film showcases the hacker persuading a lady to click on a spam message link instead of ignoring it. The fifth film features the impersonator trying his luck with a gym enthusiast, by asking him to click on a fresh payment link for an order he has made. 


The sixth film features the hacker disguised as a dry cleaning owner urging his customer to pay for her clothes through a payment link and OTP, the lady denies the request as she is cautious of these fraudulent acts. 


All the films end with the message, 'Aise samajhdari, hai aapki zimmedari' (such wisdom is your responsibility). 



Jasneet Bachal, chief marketing officer, Yes Bank, said, “In this age of digitisation, banks are constantly highlighting the importance of cybersecurity. The challenge with this campaign was to find a fresh concept, layer it with a message that empowers the consumer and the bank. By highlighting that the consumer can tell when their information is under threat and respond appropriately, the bank hopes consumers share the critical role of protecting their information and transactions.”