Samsung’s new commercials for Galaxy Y and Wave Y models aimed at Gen Y

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Cheil Worldwide has unveiled two new commercials for Samsung Galaxy Y and Wave Y mobile handsets. The new campaign for the smartphones is aimed at the Gen Y. 


Commenting about the thought behind the new campaign, Alok Agarwal, chief operating officer (COO), Cheil Worldwide, SW Asia, said, “Gen Y was the obvious choice to target our communication, but the challenge lay in ‘what next?’ Our research led us to the insight ‘Aapke pass nahin hai kya…?’ which was gained through our interactions with college students and newbie executives. Today’s Gen Y is extremely serious about experiences gained through college and early years of their career, as that’s what shapes their future; greatly influenced by their peers and not wanting to be left behind they are also the earliest adopters of new technologies.” 

He noted that all these inferences matched with what was being offered by the new Samsung Smartphones Samsung Galaxy Y and Wave Y and presented us with the opportunity to lead the consumer to make a shift from feature phones to an accessible Smart phone. With the - Now you have the freedom to Change to Smart concept we have rekindled the fire for Smartphones for Generation Y. 

“In keeping with our findings we created three mind-tickling commercials, which address the need to be smart and have a smart phone in life. The commercials are centered on the life of the TG -one is set at a ‘chai ki tapri’, the second one opens in an office and the last story unfolds in a classroom. The films are a depiction of two sets of people between the have and have not’s. They end with the ones who have a Smartphone, tackling a situation by simply using the Galaxy or Wave Y Smartphone. That’s is not all, in the end when the antagonists show their interest in the phone they are slapped with a simple question ‘Aapke pass nahin hai kya…?’,” he added.  
Agency: Cheil Worldwide SW Asia 
Client: Samsung
Creative team: 
Executive creative director (copy): Varun Arora
Creative director (Art): Dinkar Podwal 
Client servicing team: AVP - Chandramouli Prasad, CSD – Srijeet Das, AAD- Soma Chatterjee Production House: Storytellers 
Directed by: Arun Gopalan 
Producer: Rana 
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