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Oct 17, 2013

Parle Digestive Marie alerts health conscious on fat content in digestive biscuits

Watch the ad film created by Everest Brand Solutions here

Parle Products has rolled out a new campaign for Parle Digestive Marie biscuits. Created by Everest Brand Solutions, the campaign went on air on 1 October supported by print, OOH and digital legs.

The film opens with a boss passing his colleague’s cubicle. Walking by while on the phone, he notices the overweight colleague stretching. He stops and says, ‘Very good, very nice’. Coming closer, he sees ‘Digestive Biscuits’ on the desk and asks him why he eats them. The colleague cites taste as the reason. Stopping an office boy passing by with a plate of samosa, he offers that to the colleague instead, saying it would be tastier. He does the same with a slice of pizza and a pastry. He explains that if one has to consume for the sake of taste, there are many options, and leads in to the brand pitch. Visuals and a voice over go on to explain that for the sake of taste, a lot of fat is added to ordinary digestive biscuits, whereas Parle Digestive Marie has just as much fibre but half the fat. The film ends with the boss and the colleague eating Parle Digestive Marie. The boss says, “Fat kum fit zyada” (Less fat, more fit), while the employee responds, “Tasty hai” (It’s tasty).

Pravin Kulkarnii, GM - marketing, Parle Products, said, “As Indian consumers are increasingly becoming more health conscious, digestive biscuits are becoming a part of the Indian lifestyle. The digestive category has been growing at an incredible rate in the last three years. One can easily relate to the ad because of its simplicity. Eating healthy snacks and biscuits has become a quick fix to maintain good health. But, is your healthy snack really healthy? Parle Digestive Marie is extremely relevant for the office going masses, which end up ignoring their health for work.”

Mayank Shah, group product manager, Parle Products, said, “As a culture, Indians consume a wide variety of snacks but all of them are not healthy. Tasty snacks like samosa, patties and pastries are full of fat. We often consume them in between meals as an instant remedy for hunger. An active lifestyle can compensate for all this fat consumed, but most of us struggle to find time to do any form of physical activity. Hence, it is extremely important to check what we eat. Parle Digestive Marie is a good substitute to the unhealthy snacks which we unknowingly consume.”
Dhunji S Wadia, president, Everest, added, “We wanted to come up with an eye-opener in the market. People assume ‘If it is a digestive biscuit, it has got to be healthy’. If you are genuinely concerned about your health, you just can’t eat any digestive biscuits. One needs to look closely in matters involving health, especially in a scenario, when eating digestive biscuits is the only thing you do for staying healthy.”

Rahul Jauhari, NCD, Everest, explained, "We took the issue head on – just having a digestive biscuit is not good enough, you need to know what goes into it. The humour route worked for us and some good performances drove the point home, albeit lightly."

Client: Parle Products
Creative agency: Everest Brand Solutions
Production house: Blink Pictures

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