Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: #DearDaddy

Watch the film by CARE Norway here

Dec 21, 2015 08:44:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

At a time when the country is up in arms against the release of a juvenile charged with sexual violence, here’s a thought.
From as far away as Norway, it still strikes a relevant chord.
It tells us that upbringing, and apathy in the early years, can make the difference between a society that respects its women, and one that doesn’t.
What could we do to ensure that? We’re sure brands are thinking of possibilities already.
Credits (from YouTube)
CARE Norway
Marketing and communications manager: Hilde Vanvik
Project manager and communications advisor: Therese Leine Søgård
Advertisng acency: Schjærven
Copywriter:  Gry Sagvolden 
Art direction: Jens Gundersen 
Client director: Knut Røse 
Film production: Tangrystan 
Producers: Beate Tangre, Gry Sætre
Producer and director: Jakob Strom
Cinematographer: Andres Rignell 
Postproduction: Clockwork