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May 19, 2015

L&T Finance Home Loans promises solution for every need

Watch the films conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather here

L&T Finance Home Loans has rolled out three TVCs conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather.  The films showcase the company's foray into some new segments within the space of housing loans.
One of the films (above) is set in a middle class household. The man of the house walks in proclaiming to his wife about them not having to put up with their landlord's tantrums since they can now afford a one bedroom-hall-kitchen house.  The wife is surprised to hear this. The camera turns to focus on their large family seated in the living room, explaining the reason for her surprise.  An older man, ostensibly the grandfather, says his hearing aid must be broken because he heard the words 'one BHK'. The film ends with the dejected husband looking at his wife. A voice over talks about a big home loan for a big house as the brand and its products are introduced.
Another film begins with a young man bringing his brother and sister-in-law to look at a house he wants to buy. The older brother, furious, tells him that he does not need such a big house. He reasons that as he has just started working, he will not be able to afford it and no one will give him a loan. The film ends with the man looking smug at his brother, having already procured a loan from L&T Finance Home Loans. 
A third film from the campaign talks about home loans for the self-employed and business people. It features an interaction between an L&T Finance Home Loans executive and a dairy farm owner.  When asked for his salary slip, the businessman replies that he does not receive but gives salaries, revealing his occupation. 
The films end with a super of L&T Finance Home Loans with a call to action, with the brand's promise of 'Jiski jaisi zaroorat' (Based on each person's need).
Vasu Ramaswami, CEO, L&T Finance Home Loans, said, “Wherever you are, whatever time or day or night, you can get to know your eligibility and also get the home loan approved in minutes by us. Moreover, we know one size does not fit all in home loans so our solutions are not the cookie cutter genre. Some need a big loan amount, some of our salaried customers may need escalating EMIs or the other way around, and each of our self-employed customers have distinctive borrowing needs. So, we stretch our understanding arm to each one to structure our offering that answers their distinctive need, which is why, our brand promise  is 'Jiski jaisi zaroorat'." 
The campaign media mix includes digital and cinema components.
Client: L&T Finance Home Loans 
Creative agency: Ogilvy & Mather


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