Den–Snapdeal partner up to urge people to not postpone happiness

Watch the film conceptualised by Adept Media here

May 27, 2015 02:01:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team

Den-Snapdeal TV-Shop has rolled out its first ad film campaign titled, ‘Kal ki wish aaj pao – phone uthao khushiya mangao’ (Get tomorrow's wish today. Pick up your phone and order happiness). Conceptualised by Adept Media the campaign went on air on 19 May.
The film opens with protagonist Sharmaji doing his morning aarti. A voice over talks about a partially-deaf granny being the only thing Sharmaji received as inheritance. A flash back takes the audience through his childhood where he was taught to save for the future as he was handed a piggy bank by his father. The voice over informs the audience about how this teaching was followed by him all his life as he makes his wife and son also live by this rule, giving them a piggy bank everytime they asked for something new. Eventually his annoyed wife hands him a remote that takes Sharmaji to the Snapdeal channel on their Den TV network. Sharmaji is quick to forget the teaching as he goes onto fulfil everyone’s wishes. The film ends with a super of the product categories people can shop for as  voice over says, "Kal ki wish aaj pao – phone uthao khushiya mangao."
Maneesh Goel, CEO, Den Snapdeal TV-Shop, said, “We’re all bargain hunters who have been taught to start saving up from a very young age. As kids, we were given pennies to be put in a piggy-bank or a gullak to save for the rainy days. With this simple and relatable plank, the integrated marketing campaign hopes to connect with our target audience in an entertaining and quirky way.”
Vandan Chopra, CEO, Adept Media said, “We wanted to ensure that the idea was geography agnostic and did this medium justice. The central theme of our campaign came from the simple insight that no matter how much we crave happiness, we usually end up postponing it with the hope to find a better deal in the future. ‘Don’t postpone your happiness, buy now’ addresses the main challenge of building the urgency of sales conversion which is the basic premise of the offering.”
The marketing campaign targets Punjab, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi, West Bengal and Gujarat, and pushes its message through TV, print, outdoor, radio and social media.  
Client: Den Snapdeal
Creative agency: Adept Media
NCD: Vandan Chopra
Creative team: Manish Kinger, Sangeeta Subramanium
Account management: Nidhi Dangayach, Sangeeta Karanjai
Director: Ishwar Singh Muchhal
Producer: Sumit Sabarwal
Production house: Mass Entertainment