urges to eliminate screen time and get in shape

Campaign India chats with Prachita Pujari, brand head,, about the campaign

Jan 03, 2023 05:00:00 PM | Video | Noel D'souza Share - Share to Facebook has rolled out a campaign 'one more workout' to encourage people to get on a healthy streak this new year. 


Conceptualised by Bare Bones Collective, the films through a quirky tone, encapture how the brand aims to grasp its consumers' attention through OTT content and reels. 


The first film 'one less episode, one more workout' features the protagonist engrossed in a binge fest of a crime show. While binge-watching, the characters in the show, appeals directly to the protagonist and encourages him to join and start his fitness journey. 


The second film features a woman scrolling through identical reels. As she scrolls, she comes across a reel posted by, with the same tune as the previous one but has the lyrics that say, 'Cult hai jaana Kiran Khurana, nahi chalega kohi bahane' (Need to go to Cult Kiran Khurana, no excuses will be tolerated). The film intends to give the protagonist a wake-up call, to stop procrastinating and get on track with one's health regime. 

Campaign India spoke with Prachita Pujari, brand head,, to pick her mind on the intent behind the campaign, the media mix implemented, and the results they want to achieve through this campaign.


Edited excerpts: 


What is the intent and creative vision behind the campaign? 


In the second half of last year we came up with a clutter-breaking way to deliver our message that 'fitness is not an option'. 


Instead of being preachy or hardcore in our approach, we took a fun and quirky route, which worked well for us. 


The recent campaign is in continuation with the same quirky tonality. We want to deliver an important message about how fitness is important but again taking into account that we don't want to be serious in our approach and that is the brief that we gave our agency as well. 


What does the media split look like for this campaign? How do you'll intend to market this campaign?


Currently, we are live on YouTube and other social media platforms.


We are taking a different approach to media this time around. We are not going about with the normal TV spots across channels. We are going after sports because we feel it is a higher affinity for our audience. 


We have partnered with cricket for the IND vs New Zealand and India vs Sri Lanka T20 matches. 


When was the campaign rolled out, and how long will it be active? 


The campaign went live on our YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn platforms on 2 January 2023. It will run till the end of January 2023. As for TV and Hotstar, we will be present as and when we have the scheduled ODIs and T20 matches. 


What is the takeaway expected from this campaign, and how will it achieve brand awareness and recall?


As market leaders, we feel that it is important for us to drive the message that fitness is important and that it is not an option. 


For this intent, we went after more relatable situations. For example, procrastination is one of those insights that we come across. People tend to procrastinate when it comes to fitness and exercise. But have the time to binge-watch and spend unproductive time on Instagram reels. 


The main takeaway we want consumers to grasp is that fitness is important and it is more of a reality check for consumers. 


Our branding is a bit secondary in this campaign because we felt that the message of being healthy is more important.