Richard Pinder

Nov 19, 2010

Opinion: "Digital can breathe new life into tired ...

Richard Pinder, chief operating officer, Publicis Worldwide talks about the humble product demo

Aug 27, 2010

Twitter, where you listen to, gauge and respond

The proliferation of start-ups on the web can make it incredibly tricky for an advertiser to know where and how to allocate a budget. For every Facebook and Twitter, services with millions of users and undoubted critical mass, there is a Joost, or Google Wave - services launched with the maximum of fanfare and the minimum of audience buy-in.

Aug 26, 2010

Why you don’t skip Old Spice , Nike and Replay

Remember when industry analysts started to loudly proclaim the death of TV commercials? Ten years after TiVo sprang onto the scene, TV is not only still here, it is enjoying a renaissance, having been reinvigorated bydigital technology as opposed to cannibalised by it.