Brandon Doerrer

Sep 25, 2023

Google ad jabs Apple over green-bubble texts

The comedic spot from David Miami pokes fun at Apple’s old texting tech

Sep 12, 2023

McCann launches global social and creator content ...

EXCLUSIVE: McCann Content Studios will absorb the social capabilities of McCann Live and the creator capabilities of IPG agency ITB

Jul 18, 2023

Twitter influencer payouts start on the far right, ...

Some far-right influencers have claimed to receive five-figure earnings

Jul 06, 2023

6 things for marketers to know about Meta’s ...

The Instagram-based app launches today

Apr 26, 2023

Spotify CEO addresses ‘very complex’ AI-generated ...

Investors quizzed Spotify over its role in protecting artists during the company’s quarterly earnings update as artificial intelligence infiltrates the music scene

Feb 15, 2023

Why Serena Williams was in two Super Bowl ads for ...

Brands have to make concessions when working with the world’s biggest stars